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Very exciting time of year in Monmouth County for Jazz/Blues enthusiasts and Gays alike!

Friday kicks off the 22nd Annual Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival at Marine Park. While I dig the music, I go more for the BBQ! Some of the best BBQ in NJ is to be had there for sure. I’m hoping to swing by on Friday night. Who’s game?

Sunday marks the 17th Annual Jersey Pride Celebration. As always there will be a parade, live entertainment, and, you guessed it, BBQ!!!!!! I look forward to “coming out” to support my gays! Who’s coming?


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As Red Bank Green so eloquently reports, The Red Bank River Center is sponsoring Dine Downtown, a restaurant promotion in cooperation with 16 downtown dining establishments that feature prix fixe menus (ranging in price from $15-$35) on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings throughout the month of April.

This may be an excellent opportunity not only to try a restaurant I’ve never been to before, but perhaps make it an official Bayshore Friends gathering!  Please post if you’re interested, or better yet… join Bayshore Friends and let us know there!

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In our neverending quest to try all sushi joints in Central NJ, our travels took us to the new Shogun Legends on Route 34 in Wall Township. It is owned by the same people who own Shogun Bey Lea in Toms River.

Overall, it’s quite nice. The decor is contemporary and elegant, and the big aquarium is quite the eye-catcher. I heard they put about 3 million into renovating the spot.  It certainly looks like it.

The main dining area downstairs is big, and there is a nice bar area as well as private party room. We dined downstairs (by the sushi bar). I wanted to go upstairs to check out the hibachi area, but perhaps another time.

I started off with the savory sesame noodles. They were good, nothing spectacular, but tasty. He had the 8 piece sushi appetizer. I forget what was all included, but it was 2 each of 4 varieties. One, however, was some sort of scallop roll in seaweed – it was very, very good.

For my “main course” I had the Pa-Pa Dragon roll – eel, tuna, avocado, with a honey walnut in it and caviar on top — very unique, very yummy! I also had a simple eel roll. He had the Flaming Heart roll – which for the life of me I forget what was in that – and a plain Philadelphia roll. No complaints from him.

While we still think Kanji – and Ichiban – are tops, Shogun Legends is definitely good enough to warrant a return visit.

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Seriously folks, if you’re looking for a top notch sushi experience, run, don’t walk, to Kanji Steakhouse and Sushi. It’s up there with our other favorite Monmouth County Japanese restaurant, Ichiban in Ocean.

We returned on Sunday evening with his parents and grandmother. They are not big fans of Japanese food. They like hibachi just fine, but are not into sushi AT ALL.

We had our usual sashimi appetizer & avocado salad. We also ordered 3 different rolls a piece. We always share. It’s always too much, but we like to try a variety.

One of the rolls was a plain old California roll. His Dad, who has never tried any sushi in his life — not even a California roll — tried one and said “Hey, that’s pretty good!” He thoroughly enjoyed his Shumai appetizer and raved about the Shrimp Tempura (cooked) roll. Trust me, this was a big step!

We both wanted an order of Sunshine rolls, since it was the winner on our first trip. However, this time the White Christmas roll won as best special roll. It was simply divine!!! I hope they continue to offer that in the future.

We will back again and again!

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The Original SoupMan in Red Bank, NJ

It would figure I move out of town and the Original SoupMan(tm) moves in. I love soup, especially in the colder weather months. I will have to make a special trip back to Red Bank to check this place out. I’ve never tried OSM ever, so I’m going in with an open mind.

The Original SoupMan in Red Bank, NJ

Read official press release after the jump…


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If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast, we highly recommend the Broadway Grill on Broad Street.  They offer all the usual breakfast items… pancakes, french toast, eggs, waffles, sausage, bacon, etc.

I had “The Revue” – French toast with strawberries, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes, and bacon.  The tasty scrambled eggs were very fluffy.  The potatoes were not your typical home fries, they were true chunks of potatoes roasted perfectly. All of it was spot on and delicious.

He had the O’Neill omelet – portabella mushroom, spinach, and swiss cheese along with roasted potatoes, sausage, and English muffin.  He raved about the omelet saying it was perfectly made.

Everything was quite yummy so if you haven’t tried the Broadway Grill for breakfast yet, do so!

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How horrible is it that I have no desire to check out the Street Fair today? I drove by (on Maple) and saw the crowds and it freaked me out just looking at it. I tend not to have a good time in large crowds. I get claustrophobic! 😦 That’s not to say I don’t go to fairs and festivals or open air markets, but I’m usually in and out in a flash. Or if alcohol is available it tends to calm my nerves.

Another reason I’m not tempted to go down there is because we really need to pinch pennies now that we are moving at the end of the month. I don’t really have the funds to purchase anything which is the fun of going to such things, ya know?

Instead I’m gonna stay home and make some coconut curried chicken and eggplant for dinner. 🙂

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