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After reading some decent reviews on Chowhound, we were encouraged to try Fune, in Ocean Township, for our 2 year anniversary dinner tonight.  It is predominantly a Japanese restaurant, but some Korean dishes are available as well.

They started us out with some great Korean banchan (little side dishes) before our main appetizers arrived. This included some kimchee, which my fiance loves. Well, he is Korean after all. 😉

For appetizer, I had the simple, yet delicious eel box (eel sushi and rolls), and he had the Red Devil roll (tuna, avocado, salmon) which was quite yummy. For main course, he enjoyed the bibimbap, while I could barely finish my panko-crusted chicken. I forget the Korean name for it.

Service was quick and friendly.

They definitely seem to have an acceptable selection of Japanese fare and sushi/sashimi. The added Korean dishes give them bonus points. We liked it!


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