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Very exciting time of year in Monmouth County for Jazz/Blues enthusiasts and Gays alike!

Friday kicks off the 22nd Annual Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival at Marine Park. While I dig the music, I go more for the BBQ! Some of the best BBQ in NJ is to be had there for sure. I’m hoping to swing by on Friday night. Who’s game?

Sunday marks the 17th Annual Jersey Pride Celebration. As always there will be a parade, live entertainment, and, you guessed it, BBQ!!!!!! I look forward to “coming out” to support my gays! Who’s coming?


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I realized something last night while at the Erasure show @ The Count Basie


There I was surrounded by hundreds of gay men. My inner fag hag was beaming inside! Some guys near where I was sitting struck up conversation with me, and it was so easy to talk to them. Even though we had just met for the first time, it was like we had known each other forever! I love that about gay men, they are just so friendly and love to chat! Unfortunately these guys were from NYC.

So it hit me like a brick: I need a local gay best friend! No matter where I have lived throughout my life, I have always had a close male friend who happened to be gay. Some of the best times of my life we spent in the company of my gay friends. I don’t have many friends around here, let alone gay friends! It’s a no brainer: I need to find a local gay BFF!

Where does one find a gay? Do I put an ad in one of the local papers? Entitle it “hag seeking fag”? I know Asbury has a few gay clubs, but I never go. Believe it or not, I don’t like going clubbing all the time. I like to do simple stuff, too. Earlier this summer, I attended the Asbury Park Pride Fest, but with such a big event it’s hard to really find a connection with someone.

Next month I’ll be spinning music between acts at the 6th Annual Trenton Capital Rainbowfest. Maybe I’ll find my gay there?

If you’re reading this and you’re gay or you know a gay man who is looking for a “fag hag”, let’s talk! 🙂

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