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Wave Gathering Festival Asbury ParkASBURY PARK – Last year’s Wave Gathering Emerging Music festival was the largest organized event ever held on the Jersey Shore, showcasing the talents of more than 180 artists at 16 music venues throughout the city and featuring informative music panels and artist interviews highlighting the ever changing music industry.

The event continues to grow along with Asbury Park, and this year will add new venues as performance sites.

Last year’s event drew more than 3,000 people, and showcased emerging artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Nicole Atkins and the Sea, Val Emmich, Earl Greyhound, DESOL, The Ruling Party, and Jenny Owen Youngs, who have continued to build their careers and gone on to major success after playing at Wave Gathering.

The festival also featured the talents of dozens of artists who call Asbury Park their musical home, including Status Green, Readymade Breakup, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Alex Brumel, Rick Barry and Last Perfect Thing.

Performances at venues on Cookman Avenue and the newly refurbished boardwalk area will continue to be a big part of this year’s festival, to encourage patrons to shop and dine in Asbury Park’s newly re-developed areas.

Submissions from performers are being accepted now and are currently under review.

Past performers from 2006 and 2007 are automatically eligible to submit by sending their requests to info@wavegathering.com

Full weekend badges for Wave Gathering 2008 will be on sale May 1.

For more information, submissions and/ or updates about the festival, go to www.wavegathering.com.

WHAT: The 3rd Annual 2008 Wave Gathering Emerging Music Festival.

WHEN: Friday, June 20, Saturday, June 21 and Sunday, June 22.

WHERE: Various venues in the City of Asbury Park, including nightclubs, restaurants and art galleries

For more information:


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Talk about designated drivers! I just read over at Red Bank Green about a bunch of young, 20-something entrepreneurial lads who offer a valuable service to those who have been drinking, but don’t want to drive their cars home. They call themselves The Wingmen Driving Service.

If you’ve been out drinking and need to get your car home, but are unable to drive, call on these guys! They’ll come out, meet you, take your keys, drive you AND your car home. How novel, huh?

I’m actually quite down with this! I actually rarely drink these days. And if I’m driving, you bet your life, I’m certainly NOT drinking. It’s not that I’m afraid of a DUI. I just know that even a couple drinks can impair judgment and getting behind the wheel can have grave consequences. I have a dear friend who was hit by an impaired driver earlier this year. The driver claims he only had “a few drinks”. While the driver was under the legal limit, it is quite clear he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel at all. My friend is STILL in rehab over 3 months later. He won’t get back into a normal groove for, at least, another year. But I digress.

Well I just hope they have good insurance because, sadly, I can see a potential lawsuit happening here. I just hope they have all their bases covered because it sounds like a great service. Who knows, maybe I’ll have to call on them some day. I’d like to have that peace of mind that no matter where I’m at (locally) and if I’m too impaired to drive, I’ll get home in one piece. 🙂

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This review is actually written by my honey, but I’m in agreement with everything he said:

If you’re looking for a nice, quiet evening of fine dining at an affordable price, you’ll want to stay away from McLoone’s Pier House in Long Branch.

As its name implies, McLoone’s overlooks the Atlantic and sits on the boardwalk adjacent to the mind numbingly trendy Pier Village shops. Yes, the ocean’s pretty. But once you get past the view, there’s not much to recommend.

McLoone’s was jammed packed on a Friday, though it’s hard to see why. The configuration of the dining room and the acoustics combine to make it very noisy; it is difficult to have a normal conversation without shouting. As for ambiance…well, you could always make your way to the bar and listen to investment bankers sing Don Henley karaoke.

McLoone’s lack of charm is well-matched with its mediocre food. Our spicy tuna roll appetizer was positively yummy, if lacking a bit in the tuna department. But Marilyn’s Cajun blackened tilapia was average at best; no taste buds could discern the fish’s delicate flavor underneath this avalanche of spice. My peppercorn calamari salad was tasty, but the calamari was served lukewarm and a bit rubbery, not hot and crisp as I prefer.

Service was mostly fine, but we had to ask for a candle for our table as every other table had one. Marilyn also noted while walking out every other table had a bread basket, but we were not provided one nor asked if we wanted one.

Due to location, the entrees are somewhat pricey, and would-be diners checking McLoone’s online menu will find it out of date.

Click image for more pix:
Pier Village Long  Branch NJ Jersey Shore picture

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The Jersey Shore Webgrrls cordially invite you to join fellow women entrepreneurs for an evening of insight and networking!


Wednesday, June 27th
at Stacy Gemma in The Grove, Shrewsbury, NJ


Click on the flyer below for more info or to RSVP!

Jersey Shore Webgrrls Networking Event Stacy Gemma The Grove Shrewsbury NJ


Friend us on MySpace!

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I love Pride Fests. I’ve been to Pride events up and down the east coast… Philly (of course), NYC, Washington DC, Richmond (VA), Binghamton (NY), to name a few. They are always great events. This was my first the Asbury Park Pride fest, though. They really put a lot of effort into it. There was lots to see and do. And of course there was plenty of food and drink to choose from. I had a sausage sandwich, fresh squeezed lemonade, and some zeppoles!!! Yummies.

My pal Mihrimah brought her 7 year old daughter, which I thought was great! There were actually a lot of kids there. Teaching children tolerance early is KEY, in my humble opinion!  They had amusements for the kids: a giant blow up caterpillar to crawl through, a climbing thing, and a big slide.

At one point, Mihrimah and I were approached by a reporter for the Asbury Park Press. He asked us if we’d like to be interviewed. We were like “Totally!” We explained that we were in straight relationships, but are staunch advocates of gay rights and were proud to be there to show our support. Look out for our quotes in tomorrow’s paper. 🙂

Unfortunately, around 2pm it started to mist. By 3pm, it was starting to rain heavily. So I decided to leave. I’m bummed I will miss Debbie (I mean Deborah) Gibson, though. Haha.

Click on the Jim “I’m a Gay American” McGreevey doll below to see the few pictures I took. Enjoy!
Asbury Park NJ Pride Fest Pictures

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