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Very exciting time of year in Monmouth County for Jazz/Blues enthusiasts and Gays alike!

Friday kicks off the 22nd Annual Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival at Marine Park. While I dig the music, I go more for the BBQ! Some of the best BBQ in NJ is to be had there for sure. I’m hoping to swing by on Friday night. Who’s game?

Sunday marks the 17th Annual Jersey Pride Celebration. As always there will be a parade, live entertainment, and, you guessed it, BBQ!!!!!! I look forward to “coming out” to support my gays! Who’s coming?


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Starting next week I’m hoping to check out the weekly events down at Riverview Gardens Park. The Visitors Center’s Red Bank Summer Series offers plenty of neat, FREE events such as Jazz in the Park, Songwriters in the Park, Movies in the Park, etc.

Count Basie Theatre’s Cool School’s performance of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on Aug. 14 should be very interesting!

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Red Bank Fireworks

Weren’t they great?!  What was your favorite?  I have to say I loved the smileys and upside down hearts! haha

Please post your comments!

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Let me preface this to say I am NOT one of those celebrity stalkers. I just have a robust interest in celebrity news and whatnot. To that end, I have a general curiosity as to which celebrities live in Monmouth County.

The obvious celebs ’round these parts are Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, natch. Thanks to this thread of comments over at Red Bank Green, I’ve learned that Geraldo Rivera no longer lives on the Navesink. He sold his house for 4.5 mil (nice!) a few years ago. Supposedly, Maury Povich and Connie Chung still do live over there. There’s gotta be more.

Feel free to comment here if you know of any other celebrities in the area. Don’t go posting their address or anything. I don’t need to or want to know exactly where they live. You can say “I think so-and-so lives in Middletown” and be done with it. 🙂

6/24 update: Two people have told me Debbie Harry lives here. Can this be true??? I would so die if I ever ran into her. Love Blondie!!! 🙂  Oh, Red Bank Green mentioned this last year! lol I swear I live under a rock sometimes.

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