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Very exciting time of year in Monmouth County for Jazz/Blues enthusiasts and Gays alike!

Friday kicks off the 22nd Annual Red Bank Jazz & Blues Festival at Marine Park. While I dig the music, I go more for the BBQ! Some of the best BBQ in NJ is to be had there for sure. I’m hoping to swing by on Friday night. Who’s game?

Sunday marks the 17th Annual Jersey Pride Celebration. As always there will be a parade, live entertainment, and, you guessed it, BBQ!!!!!! I look forward to “coming out” to support my gays! Who’s coming?


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We walked down to Marine Park to check out the Friday night happenings at the Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival. Nice big crowd to be expected. My top priority, though, was to get me some BBQ! So I stopped at Jersey Joe’s BBQ stand. I got the pulled pork sandwich and small order of “Texas Taters” (curly fries). You see, I count pulled pork as one of my favorite foods ever. Jersey Joe’s definitely did it justice! I put some “sweet heat” and regular bbq sauce on it. Delish!

My guy got a sweet Italian sausage sandwich at the Gina Foods stand. He said it was quite good, but admitted “I should have gotten a pulled pork sandwich instead.” 😉

After we ate, we walked around and perused the various craft vendors. We also stopped for some fresh squeezed lemonade. Yum!

We listened to Billy Hector when he took the stage. That’s the kind of rockin’ blues I like! Here’s a pic of him on stage:

Billy Hector

We didn’t stay for his entire set, though. It was hot and we were both tired so we started walking back home after 9. We were walking up White Street when it started to rain. It felt so nice!

We’re gonna go back again tonight because, believe it or not, I’m craving BBQ again! This time I wanna try Extreme Barbeque. 🙂

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