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I got an email yesterday from a VJ Carbone, who I’m guessing is some sort of PR/spokesperson for a new home design and gift store on Mechanic Street. He offered a description and some photographs since it appears their all-flash website is still under construction, so you won’t find much info there. Note: designing an all-flash website is not good internet marketing strategy. Search engines have a hard time spidering through flash.

Bodega Shoppe



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I’m quite pleased with the selection as of late.  In fact, I go every week now.  Today I snagged an eggplant, zucchini (2), yellow squash (1), green pepper (1), red pepper (1), yellow/white pepper (1), cucumbers (3), quart of plum tomatoes, and Tuscany peasant bread and strawberry rhubarb pie from the Lithuanian Baker.

Hopefully with my latest produce purchases from the market, I’ll have a recipe to post in my new Food section. 🙂

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I went to the new (?) Dollar Tree in the A&P Fresh Market Plaza in Shrewsbury yesterday.  I have one word: WOW!  It’s big and clean and organized.  So two thumbs up!  If you’re thrifty like me, check it out! 😉

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I went over to Linens N Things to spend a gift card and while over there I discovered the Dollar Tree had closed.  I was rather dismayed to see that.  I love Dollar Stores for certain things.

The nearest ones are in Hazlet or West Long Branch now. *sigh*

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