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In our neverending quest to try all sushi joints in Central NJ, our travels took us to the new Shogun Legends on Route 34 in Wall Township. It is owned by the same people who own Shogun Bey Lea in Toms River.

Overall, it’s quite nice. The decor is contemporary and elegant, and the big aquarium is quite the eye-catcher. I heard they put about 3 million into renovating the spot.  It certainly looks like it.

The main dining area downstairs is big, and there is a nice bar area as well as private party room. We dined downstairs (by the sushi bar). I wanted to go upstairs to check out the hibachi area, but perhaps another time.

I started off with the savory sesame noodles. They were good, nothing spectacular, but tasty. He had the 8 piece sushi appetizer. I forget what was all included, but it was 2 each of 4 varieties. One, however, was some sort of scallop roll in seaweed – it was very, very good.

For my “main course” I had the Pa-Pa Dragon roll – eel, tuna, avocado, with a honey walnut in it and caviar on top — very unique, very yummy! I also had a simple eel roll. He had the Flaming Heart roll – which for the life of me I forget what was in that – and a plain Philadelphia roll. No complaints from him.

While we still think Kanji – and Ichiban – are tops, Shogun Legends is definitely good enough to warrant a return visit.


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My guy and I are on a mission: to try every sushi restaurant in Monmouth County!

We’re certainly getting very close to our goal.  I haven’t actually put together an official list of all the sushi restaurants in Monmouth County that we’ve been to, but if you’ve been following this blog, you know there are several reviews available here from our experiences thus far.

This time, our sushi-seeking travels took us to Kanji Steakhouse & Sushi in Tinton Falls.  Having read a glowing review over on Chowhound, I was very excited to try the new kid on the sushi block.

We had a short wait while they readied our table.  There was a steady crowd in the sushi dining area, and hibachi patrons in the back.  We were presented with our menu’s and given some time to muse over them.  Our server asked for our drink orders, ran off, and then delivered them a short time later.

She then tended to other parties while we sipped our hot tea and finalized our selections.  After a few minutes she came over, took our orders, and was off.

This is where things got a little frustrating.  We were seated by a party of six and they were enjoying their special rolls which looked absolutely fantastic!  We were hungry and could not wait to get our appetizers to hold us over until our special rolls were delivered.  While our server was tending to other tables, many minutes went by and she had not returned.  In fact, it took about 15-20 minutes for our appetizers – Miso Eggplant and Kimchi Salmon – to be delivered.  She graciously apologized for the delay and explained they were quite busy at the sushi bar.

We were ravenously hungry and slightly annoyed by the long wait for our starters, but we did not dwell on it and dug in!  The eggplant was quite tasty.  The kimchi salmon only hinted of the spiciness of kimchi, however delivered all of the glorious flavor.  It was a big hit!

After we finished the starters and another wait – not so long this time thank goodness! – our special rolls had arrived!  He selected the Christmas, T.G.I.F, and Philly rolls.  I opted for the Flying Dragon, Sunshine, and eel & avocado rolls.  While they all were excellently prepared and delicious, we both conceded our favorite was the Sunshine roll.  I would have to venture a guess that it was the tempura flakes and chips that set it apart from all the others.  This was probably one of the best rolls I have had in some time.

In any event, the food was top notch and certainly excused the wait.  It was indeed worth the wait!  We were sure to tip our server accordingly.

If you’re looking for delicious sushi, we highly recommend Kanji Steakhouse & Sushi in Tinton Falls.  In fact, it has now entered our “Top 3” sushi restaurants in Monmouth County.  (Along with Ichiban and Takara – both in Ocean).

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We went to Kyoto Sushi & Hibachi tonight in the Atlantic Highlands. It’s on Rt. 36 in the Navesink strip mall. It was pretty good.

We both had miso soup and avocado salads to start, his with shrimp. We then shared a sushi and sashimi platter for two. It included 10 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces of sashimi, dragon roll, and spicy tuna roll. No complaints really. The wasabi was quite potent. It certainly cleared my sinuses. 🙂

We also enjoyed tempura green tea ice cream and a mochi ice cream sampler – vanilla, green tea, and mango. Yummy.

We still prefer Ichiban in Ocean over all the places we’ve tried so far. Takara in Ocean and Sawa in Eatontown tied for a close second.

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My guy and I are certified sushiphiles. I know I’ve said this before, but we have sushi quite often – at least three times a month. We love checking out sushi restaurants we have never been before. This evening we went to Takara in Oakhurst.

The decor is very very nice; the koi pond with waterfall is a great touch. The sushi was delectable, however the service was quite slow. Our server, Crystal, who was polite, explained they had a server walk out earlier so they were short-staffed and apologized. It was evident they were very busy at the hibachi tables due to a couple of birthday parties. She really tried her best so we tolerated it and still left her a nice tip.

To celebrate the birthday parties, they banged on a gong, and came out marching out of the back room with a candle-lit cupcake on a platter. The lights dimmed and disco lights came on with upbeat music playing over the speakers. Some might find that cheesy, but I thought that was really neat.

They have a few Tatami rooms available. I’d really love to try them sometime. Perhaps with a few sushiphile friends as 2 in a room may not be enough.

In any case, four thumbs up for Takara from us. We’ll definitely go back. 🙂

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After reading some decent reviews on Chowhound, we were encouraged to try Fune, in Ocean Township, for our 2 year anniversary dinner tonight.  It is predominantly a Japanese restaurant, but some Korean dishes are available as well.

They started us out with some great Korean banchan (little side dishes) before our main appetizers arrived. This included some kimchee, which my fiance loves. Well, he is Korean after all. 😉

For appetizer, I had the simple, yet delicious eel box (eel sushi and rolls), and he had the Red Devil roll (tuna, avocado, salmon) which was quite yummy. For main course, he enjoyed the bibimbap, while I could barely finish my panko-crusted chicken. I forget the Korean name for it.

Service was quick and friendly.

They definitely seem to have an acceptable selection of Japanese fare and sushi/sashimi. The added Korean dishes give them bonus points. We liked it!

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A new sushi place moved in town called Sogo Sushi at 60 Monmouth Street. What sets it apart from other sushi is that it is made with brown rice.  No white rice used in anything.

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I had the Sogo Special Salad (spinach, romaine, asparagus, avocado) and special eel roll. He had an order of smoked salmon sashimi and spicy & spicy roll. My salad was kinda blah, but the rolls were quite yummy.

While not necessarily a sit down joint, there are two small tables in there (which we took advantage of). So if you’re looking to sit down with a large group this is not an option for you. However, if you want good sushi for take-out then I would suggest it. Delivery is available for lunch only with order of over $15.00.

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My guy and I consider ourselves sushi connoisseurs as we try to go at least once a month.  We like trying new sushi places and this was our first time at Ichiban in Ocean.  Well let me just say we were considerably impressed!

For starters we had a curry scallop with mango rice appetizer. I’m not a huge fan of mango, but they were perfectly chopped (small pieces) and integrated nicely with the rice providing a more aromatic effect than anything else. The scallops were succulent. Additionally, we consumed an order of gyoza which were perfectly made. I also had some salad, too.

For our main course, we shared a sashimi deluxe platter, special eel roll (eel, tuna, avocado), rock n roll (whitefish salmon, crab, scallion, caviar), “mysterious” roll (lobster, tuna, spicy mayo), and rainbow roll (california roll topped with salmon, tuna, whitefish, and yellowtail).

The sashimi platter came in a large bowl filled with ice. We think this was the key to why it was so delicious. The fish was ultra fresh! The rolls were out of this world. Immaculately made. I regret not having my camera with me – as you must see (and of course taste!) to appreciate.

We now think that Ichiban is our new favorite sushi restaurant. So run, don’t walk, to Ichiban. You’ll love it! 🙂

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